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Interactive Video for Storyline David Anderson June 6, 2016
Getting Started with Mobile Learning Sarah Gilbert June 6, 2016
Video Production for Online Teaching and Engagement Ty Marbut June 6, 2016
Interacting with the Real World—Using Beacons Anthony Altieri June 6, 2016
Tracking Learning with the xAPI and PhoneGap Przemyslaw Pawluk & Agnieszka Palalas June 6, 2016
Creating Mobile Solutions with Advanced Features of Storyline 2 Ron Price June 7, 2016
Building a Responsive Design Lesson Using Adobe Captivate Joe Ganci June 7, 2016
Enabling the “70” of 70:20:10 Bob Mosher & Conrad Gottfredson June 7, 2016
xAPI Camp Aaron Silvers & Megan Bowe June 7, 2016
Developing a Micro-performance Support Solution Molly Petroff & Jill Wiley June 7, 2016
Guerrilla Video Techniques for Beginners Thomas Spiglanin June 7, 2016
How to Build Your Organization’s Mobile Learning Strategy Brenda Enders June 7, 2016
Building Learning Communities to Support Performance Julian Stodd June 7, 2016
Leveraging Mobile to Create Comprehensive Training Solutions Art Kohn June 7, 2016
Performance to Go: Cognitive Science, Mobile, and Performance Support Clark Quinn June 7, 2016
Editing Learning Videos with Adobe Premiere Mark Lassoff June 7, 2016
YouTube U—Leveraging the World’s Biggest Video Platform Sam Rogers June 7, 2016
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