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New Realities … a New World for Learning

New Realities … a New World for Learning

DevLearn 2016 is shining a spotlight on virtual, augmented, and mixed realities. Learn how these new technologies are ready to revolutionize how we consume content and the ways we learn. Register and pay by September 30 and save $100 with the Early registration discount.

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Adobe Captivate Prime Masterclass: Skills-based Learning for Business

ZOOLA Analytics – Advanced Reporting for Your LMS (SPONSOR)

ZOOLA Analytics extends your LMS reporting capabilities, providing access to all your learning data. Build and customize reports with drag-and-drop tools, and make sense of learning activity quickly and easily. Tell your LMS provider about ZOOLA, or visit us to take an assessment, and see if ZOOLA is for you. Learn more.

Curated Industry Content
TWIST Curated Content

Dive into This Week’s Top Industry Articles

This week’s Curated Industry Content gets up close and personal with augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence for the workplace, visuals, the Internet, and so much more. Get all the details on the TWIST Blog.

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Complimentary Webinar
Complimentary Webinar Shares 10 Tools to Support Learning

Complimentary Webinar Highlights Latest Trends and Technologies

This webinar, Best of DevLearn: Ten Cool Tools to Support Learning, will discuss some of the latest technologies by exploring some complimentary or inexpensive tools and apps that can amplify learning. Those tools and apps could change the way L&D supports learning and can have an impact on your employees.

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Design principles that impact performance everyday

The LMS “Manages Learners,” But Business Needs More, by David James

  Improving the Management of Learning Objectives in eLearning

Deeper Design: Working Out Loud,
by Clark Quinn

Say No to Dull and Boring eLearning!

Say No to Dull and Boring eLearning!, by Pooja Jaisingh

  Effective Speaker Bios and Session Descriptions

Effective Speaker Bios and Session Descriptions, by Mark Britz

DemoFest Archive
See This Company’s Client Training Approach

See This Company’s Client Training Approach

This DemoFest project, Paychex Client Training, shows what one company did to better support its clients in adapting to frequent software changes. By providing targeted, task-based microlearning in video format, Paychex enabled clients to get training anywhere, any time, on any device.

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Videos in the DemoFest Archive are now available to all members.

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Making eLearning Accessible

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