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November 24, 2014

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Learning Solutions 2015

Sessions Galore to Help You Boost Your Skills and Expertise

As professionals in learning and training we are always looking for ways to build our skills and expertise so we can create learning that is above and beyond expectations. At Learning Solutions Conference & Expo you’ll find an abundant number of opportunities for your professional development starting with a wide variety of sessions that will fit every professional’s need. We’ve just posted the list of 100+ concurrent sessions and speakers for this year’s event. View the list today!

Remember, if you register by December 19 you’ll save $200 with the Super Early discount—in addition to all other discounts for which you may qualify.

Easygenerator Adds PowerPoint, Result Tracking, and More (SPONSOR)


In the past few weeks we added a lot of cool new features to easygenerator and we will continue to do so every week! We added PowerPoint import, tracking and tracing without an LMS or LRS, embedding courses in any website, statements and hot spot questions. All this adds to our new way of authoring and co-authoring in the cloud. Have your courses reviewed in our tool even by people who don’t have a license. Discover the easy to use interface and the most affordable and flexible subscription service ever. Try it out. Sign up for our 14 day trial now.

Online Forums

Do You Have the Necessary Skills to Be Successful?

As a learning professional, you already know the core skills you need to be successful in what you do. But what about those essential-but-non-core skills you need to do well in your work—task management, virtual collaboration, developing a professional portfolio, social media, and more? This Online Forum, Essential Skills for Learning Professionals, on December 11 & 12, will help you identify and develop many of the essential, non-core skills you need to be a successful learning professional.

Register now! Remember, ONLINE FORUMS ARE COMPLIMENTARY for Member-Plus and Premium Members.

Innovate or Die: Increasing Innovation with Competency-based Training—Download (SPONSOR)

Lambda Solutions

Markets today are largely dictated by the speed and pace of innovation in technology. A phrase we are all accustomed to hearing is “innovate or die”. With talented people being the driving force behind innovation, it is more important than ever for organizations to be equipped with talent who possess the skills and competencies to either meet or dictate rapidly changing markets. To build an organization that has the competencies to exceed strategic goals, companies must work from competency-centered models. In this two-part guide, learn how to implement competency-based training to achieve competitive advantage through your people. Download guide here.

The eLearning Guild Academy

eLearning and the Science of Instruction

All eLearning uses some combination of visuals, text, and audio to communicate content and engage learners. In this course led by Dr. Ruth Clark, you will have the opportunity to learn and apply evidence-based guidelines for effective learner engagement in eLearning courses. You will learn the most recent evidence-based principles governing the best use of visuals, audio, and text in eLearning, apply evidence-based guidelines on design and development of behavioral engagement techniques in eLearning, and determine the features and applications for scenario-based eLearning designed to promote problem-solving skills. Learn more.

Remember, paid eLearning Guild members save 20% off of registration! Register now.

eLearning Guild

New Conference Videos from DevLearn 2014—Including Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Keynote

Video recordings of 12 of the most popular concurrent sessions and keynote presentations from DevLearn 2014 are now available in the Conference Archive. Access to these recordings varies based on membership level:

  • Associates have access to concurrent session video recordings
  • Members, Member-Plus, and Premium Members have access to keynote and concurrent session video recordings

Watch the videos or upgrade your membership today! Don’t worry, existing memberships will be pro-rated. Remember, when you upgrade or renew your membership by December 31, you could win!


The eLearning Guild Research

It’s That Time of Year Again … Update Your Salary and Compensation Information!

Once again it is time for us to aggregate information for our annual Salary & Compensation report publishing in early 2015. Please take a few minutes to complete or update your Salary & Compensation Information in your member profile. If your information is the same as last year, please confirm that the information is the same and save the form so your data is included in the report. Also, if your job or company has changed in the past year, please update your Contact & Company Info. Thank you in advance for your participation!

Learning Solutions Magazine

Hackathon! Design Gamified eLearning in Hours; Plus, Lock in Complex Topics with This Technique!

Hackathon! Design Gamified eLearning in Hours. Hackathons are events in which individuals with diverse backgrounds can collaborate on a development project, including those involving games and gamification. Learn more.

Design Tip: Lock in Complex Topics with This Technique! Soft skills are complex performances that involve rules of thumb, insights, and judgment calls. But there is a proven technique that helps learners retrieve the rules of thumb they’ve learned. Learn more.

Find these articles and more in Learning Solutions Magazine, the eLearning industry’s oldest and most trusted source for practical information on the management, design, development, and implementation of eLearning.


Join Us Next Monday As We Talk About Community-based Learning

When we ask people why they value eLearning Guild events and resources, one word always rises to the top of the list: Community. We are a community-based organization that believes we are better together than we are alone. Join us on Twitter next Monday, December 1 at 11:00 AM PT for #GuildChat, as we exploring the many faces of community-based learning. We have posted the questions currently scheduled to be posed during the chat here. To participate in the discussion, simply use the hashtag #GuildChat in your tweets. We look forward to chatting with you this week!

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Contact Us:
The eLearning Guild, 120 Stony Point Road, Suite 125, Santa Rosa, CA 95401, +1.707.566.8990
Do you need more info? Use Our Information Request Form!