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The Social Learning Camp is a unique experience designed to not only get you up to speed on the latest social media (Web 2.0) technologies but also help you think about concrete ways that you can apply them to your learning challenges and develop the case studies and best practices to get them adopted back home! You'll go deep on available tools, look at appropriate strategies for adoption and implementation, discuss emerging case studies and look at available resources to support their relevant and constructive use.

The Social Learning Camp runs throughout the conference. You'll be able to select from a range of activities including formal sessions, informal discussions or tool demonstrations all facilitated by a wide variety of social learning experts and community members to help you get you signed on, your feet wet, and your questions answered.

We need your input on challenges you face, questions you have, and tools you'd like to see covered...

We are giving you the chance to actively participate in developing the activities and focal points for this great event. Head over to this page and fill out post-its notes with your ideas and leave them on our shared board. We really want your input to help make this an incredibly valuable and targeted event for you!

Social Learning Camp "Head Counselor"


Mark Oehlert

Innovation Evangelist
Defense Acquisition University

Mark Oehlert is a recognized expert, author and speaker in the fields emerging technology and learning. He has worked in the e-Learning field for 10 years, and now brings his unique insight as a trained historian and anthropologist to his role as Innovation Evangelist at the Defense Acquisition University. Previously, Mark served as a Learning Strategy Architect at the global consulting firm of Booz Allen Hamilton, he supported the Advanced Distributed Learning initiative as the Deputy Director for Communications, and he served as the Director of Learning Innovations at the MASIE Center.


Wednesday, November 11

7:15a - 8:15a Breakfast Byte on Social Learning led by Mark Oehlert
10:15a - 10:55a Introduction to Social Learning – Let the Wild Rumpus Start! – Mark Oehlert
11:15a - 11:55a Twitter and SoMe at Conferences - Accelerate and Extend the Learning – Mark Oehlert
12:15p - 12:55p The Big Three of Social Media / Social Learning: Fear, Control and Trust – Mark Oehlert
1:15p - 1:55p Reputation, Credibility and Authenticity – Mark Oehlert
2:15p - 2:55p Social Learning and SCORM – Mark Oehlert
3:15p - 3:55p Meta-Communities: Black Swan Society and #lrnchat – Mark Oehlert

Thursday, November 12

7:15a - 8:15a Breakfast Byte on Social Learning led by Mark Oehlert
10:15a - 10:55a Learning as a Networked Activity – Mark Sylvester
11:15a - 11:55a Lessons Learned from Yesterday – Mark Oehlert
12:15p - 12:55p A Conversation with Jay Cross – Mark Oehlert
1:15p - 1:55p Free-range Social Learning – Mark Oehlert
2:15p - 2:55p Social Learning and a World of Instant Feedback – Mark Oehlert
3:15p - 3:55p Future Directions – Mark Oehlert

Friday, November 13

10:15a - 10:55a Social Learning Wrap Up – Mark Oehlert

More Social Learning Sessions at DevLearn 2009!

In addition to the Social Learning Camp activities, you'll also find a ton of concurrent sessions focused on social and collaborative learning at DevLearn 2009. If your goal is to master social learning ... DevLearn 2009 is the place to be!

106 – Using Micro-Learning Designs in e-Learning 2.0 and Traditional e-Learning
108 – Enabling User-Generated Content, a Big Step Towards Mass Collaboration
203 – Creative e-Learning Makeovers: Practical Ways to Redesign Your Courses
208 – Getting Started Building Flash Facebook Apps for Social Learning
315 – Hacking SCORM to Gather Social Metrics for Online Resources
401 – Overview of Latest Learning Trends: What's Hot, What's Not, and Why
403 – Managing the User-generated Content Revolution
406 – How to Socialize Your Learning Content
410 – Small Groups = Big Results: Strategies for Managing Virtual Class Breakout Rooms
501 – A Knowledge Exchange Strategy for Enterprise Learning
503 – Social Learning Environments: Strategies for Finding a Provider
504 – Talking Heads! Case Study for Using Social Simulation Software for Training
508 – SharePoint’s Innovative Social Media Platform for Connecting Learners
612 – Keepin’ It Legal: Finding and Using Free Images, Video, & Software for Learning
706 – Sharing Knowledge for Training: Social Networking in Action at Toyota
801 – The Changing Learning Function: Rethinking How your Organization Works
802 – How Technology is Revolutionizing Education
805 – Informal Learning Solutions: How Intel Leverages Social Media for Learning
806 – How to Build Real-time Social Learning … Fast
807 – Using SharePoint to Enhance Online Learning Events


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