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In addition to Guild Research and Learning Solutions Magazine, the Guild produces several additional publications that provide valuable resources for eLearning professionals.

Guild eBooks

A Wealth of Information at Your Fingertips

Every Guild eBook is focused around a specific theme. Some include collections of tips we gather from the industry experts and experienced practitioners who speak at our online events, while others offer tips from Guild members around the world, or collections of articles from key industry leaders. In any case, you'll find valuable information that you can immediately put to work in your organization. Download a FREE Guild eBook today!

eLearning Insider Weekly Newsletter

Keeping all Guild members in the loop!

The eLearning Insider is designed to be a short, easy read that will keep you connected to the latest news and information about everything the Guild has to offer. It is emailed weekly to all Guild members. See the current issue of eLearning Insider or join the Guild to start receiving your copy!

Learning Solutions Magazine Update Bi-weekly Newsletter

Your Source for Learning Technology, Strategy, and News

The Learning Solutions Magazine Update recaps the latest feature articles, case studies, reviews, interviews, spotlights, columns, snippets, tips, and news published by Learning Solutions Magazine. It is emailed bi-weekly to all Guild members and Learning Solutions Magazine subscribers. See the current issue of Learning Solutions Magazine Update or subscribe today!

Featured Publications Library Content

76 Tips on Turning Instructional Design Challenges into Successes

2.26.14 | Guild Publications | Guild eBooks

Effectively addressing failures and mistakes in learning projects can strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders and improve end results. This eBook provides 76 tips to help turn potential disaster into triumph.

At the Moment of Need: The Case for Performance Support

6.6.13 | Guild Publications | White papers

As jobs become more complex, workers not only need better and faster access to knowledge, they require direct performance support (PS). This white paper examines the business case for PS and how companies are making it work.

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