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About the Online Events Archive

The Online Events Archive provides on-demand access to recordings of all online events produced by The eLearning Guild since early 2003, including Online Forums, Thought Leaders Webinars, “Best of” Webinars, and sessions from other online conferences the Guild has hosted. The more than 1,000 sessions included in this archive cover a wide range of topics of interest to eLearning professionals and are led by more than 200 of our industry’s leading thinkers and practitioners. Access varies based on membership level.

Online Forums Archive

eLearning Guild Member-Plus and Premium members have access to the entire archive of Online Forums (our two-day, ten-session online conferences), which includes more than 850 session recordings on current industry topics. Browse the archive, or watch a free sample session.

“Best of” Webinars Archive

All members can access the growing archive of Guild “Best of” Webinars, which showcase the most popular, best-rated sessions and award-winning projects from our face-to-face conferences, newly updated and made available through these special online presentations. Browse the archive.

Thought Leaders Webinars Archive

All members have access to the archive of Thought Leaders Webinars, featuring more than 45 recordings from this webinar series that connects you with our industry's leading thinkers so you can learn the latest ideas, techniques and strategies for success. Browse the archive.

Featured Online Events Archive Content

Best of mLearnCon: Designing for Mobile Learning: A Crash Course

4.23.14 | Online Events Archive | "Best of" Webinars

With mobile learning (mLearning) increasingly gaining buzz in organizations, instructional designers—especially eLearning designers—are searching for ways to build their  . . .

Back from the Brink: Turning Learning Projects from Failure to Success

4.11.14 | Online Events Archive | Online Forums 2014

When a learning project goes horribly awry, often our first instinct is to run away—screaming, in some cases. But we usually don’t have the freedom to flee, and instead need to a . . .

How to Transform Your Training Content into an Engaging Story

3.11.14 | Online Events Archive | Sponsored Webinars

As learning and development professionals, we know that we’re wired for stories. The problem is, we’ve got to teach facts and figures and processes and tools—which can ge . . .

Interface Design for Learning

2.12.14 | Online Events Archive | Thought Leaders Webinar Series

As designers of learning experiences, how much do we really know about how people learn? How do we design environments that support the cognitive and affective sides of learning, and how . . .

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