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August 17, 2016





One Size Won’t Fit All: The Future of Personalized Digital Learning

Six Steps to Collaborative, Interactive Video

Excited by new technologies, including online video? Tempted to design your learning program around it? Be careful! You may be ignoring the basic principles of collaborative learning. Here are the best practices to get the most collaborative-learning value from your online video use, and ideas to help you get started using collaborative video! Learn more…

How to Use Online Training for Lead Generation

How to Use Online Training for Lead Generation

Want to use your customer training program to generate leads for sales? Lots of marketers are experimenting with using on-demand training as part of their content marketing toolbox. Download the guide to learn how training can help facilitate demand generation, including examples of two companies doing this successfully. Click to download.

	Four Design Principles That Impact Performance Every Day

Video’s Stepchildren: Writing, Audio, and Soundtracks

If you’re making eLearning productions these days, you’re probably making video. What are you doing to give your video depth and get learners believing they’re in the situation you want them to believe in? The right answer, for many eLearning productions, is to create a sonic environment. Not just narration or a voice track, but a soundtrack. Here are some ideas to get you started. Learn more…

Announcing Our Newest Keynote

Announcing DevLearn’s Newest Keynote

Exciting news! Maxwell Planck, technical founder at Oculus Story Studio, has been added as a keynote speaker at DevLearn 2016 Conference & Expo. Join Maxwell as he delves into the coming world of virtual reality and explores how it is shaping the future of content. Register by September 30 and save $100.

Complimentary eBook Shares Tips on Sparking Creativity

Complimentary eBook Shares Tips on Sparking Creativity

This complimentary eBook, 183 Tips on Sparking Design Creativity, includes insights on sparking creativity from members of the eLearning Guild community. This eBook can be consumed in a single sitting and looked back upon at times when you need a spark of inspiration to release your creativity. Download now.



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