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May 27, 2015





Five Steps: Changing Paradigms from Training to Performance

Five Steps: Changing Paradigms from Training to Performance

The challenge for many learning organizations today is how to change the paradigm from training to performance. This transition includes not just the traditional training organization but also senior business leaders, stakeholders, and even the average employee. Today’s article provides a case study that illustrates the first four of five steps to make this change. More…


Microlearning: Micro Lessons + Macro Results Description

Microlearning is a training method that solves the challenges of aligning and educating organizations in the 21st century. In an era of shrinking attention spans and rapid technological change, microlearning is the most effective way for organizations to give their employees the skills they need. Find out how in this series of video micro lessons.

Learning Ecosystems and the Experience API

Learning Ecosystems and the Experience API

The eLearning Guild and Learning Solutions Magazine continue to support the Experience API at our conferences and in our publications. In March, at the xAPI Camp held in Orlando, 17 presenters offered an update to the progress made by the xAPI and examples of the ways developers are incorporating it into applications. More…

Say Yes to Great Quality Custom Learning!

Say ‘Yes’ to Great Quality Custom Learning!

Great quality, greater reliability. Quality is the promise we make, for every Custom Learning Solution we engage with you for. For us, quality is beyond making it work error-free. Watch the video to know what ‘quality’ means to us and how we ensure great custom learning. Watch video.

mLearnCon Online Registration Closes Next Week

mLearnCon 2015 Online Registration Closes Next Week

mLearnCon 2015 is just two weeks away and it’s time for you to finalize your plans! Advance online registration ends next Friday, June 5. Join industry experts and colleagues June 10 – 12 in Austin, Texas, and gain the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for the changing world of mobile learning and performance. Register now!

It's Time to Finalize Your Plans

It’s Time to Finalize Your Plans

The 2015 Performance Support Symposium is also only two weeks away, June 10 – 12 in Austin, Texas. Make your travel plans and complete your registration by next Friday, June 5 to ensure you have the quickest check-in onsite. We look forward to seeing you in Austin for an in-depth look at performance support! Register now.



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