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February 3, 2016





We Are Losing the Race Between Learning and Technology: What to Do About It

Role-playing Scenarios Liberate eLearning

Scenario-based learning and integrated branching strategies may support transfer of higher cognitive learning outcomes associated with problem solving, decision-making skills, or work-based practice. In this article, you will find an example of scenario-based learning applied to training restaurant personnel to deal with a situation with a high emotional component. Learn more…

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Looking for a Best Value, SaaS LMS?

Enjoy the benefits of SaaS and robustness of a full-featured Learning Management System with UpsideLMS. This best value, responsive, SaaS LMS is better than ever as it brings you additional advantages of speed, scalability, innovation, lower TCO and higher ROI. UpsideLMS is the perfect fit for Enterprises, SMBs and Training Companies. Request a demo.

Copyright Law, Prototypes, and the Five-second Rule

Developing Scenarios with RED Programs

eLearning developers, especially novices, should be able to use scenario-based content design, a strategy that gets eLearning outside the “page-turner” box and engages learners more effectively. This article shows you how developers at Boise State University used a rapid eLearning development (RED) tool to create a scenario-based product for computer lab staff. Learn more…

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Enhance Your Knowledge of Workplace Solutions

Master key skills with pre-conference courses held at Learning Solutions 2016 Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL. Start your learning early this month with Pre-conference Blended Courses that combine online training with a two-day face-to-face intensive on March 13 and 14 or sign up for a one-day Pre-conference Certificate Workshops on March 14 or 15. Register now.

Learning Solutions 2016

Two New Reports Detail Learning Management Systems

Corporations and academics have specific requirements surrounding learning management systems. Partnering with Adobe Systems, we studied how both sectors use LMS and how their plans, requirements, and learning visions will evolve in the next few years. These two reports provide guidance for corporate and academic LMS users. Download now.



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