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Members of The eLearning Guild comprise the largest and most influential group of eLearning professionals in the world. Members share a common interest in the management, design, development, and delivery of eLearning and they apply their professional skills for the benefit of corporate, government and academic organizations around the world.

The eLearning Guild now has more than 60,000 active members worldwide. (The charts below were created on August 9, 2012 when the Guild had 54,000 members.)


eLearning Guild members live and work in 169 different countries around the world...

Countries of Origin


They represent the entire professional spectrum...

Role in Organization


They have years of experience in eLearning and in their current roles...

Years of Experience


They work in a variety of roles in their organizations...

Focus of Work


They work in every industry...



They work in organizations of all sizes...

Organization Size


The learners impacted by their efforts number in the tens of millions... 

Learners Impacted


They collectively have tremendous economic influence...

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